Community Living Thunder Bay (CLTB) operates under a chapter issued on October 22nd, 1954 in response to parents brought together by their concern about lack of educational opportunities for their children. During the 1950's and 1960s the Association was involved in the development of pre-schools, developmental centre, schools, workshops and parent support services. Many people gave freely of their time to develop these services and to seek government support to maintain and expand upon the small base of services for people with a developmental disability.

These efforts of local associations produced a landmark commitment on the part of the Ontario government to community-based services in 1974. Through the 1970s and 1980s, CLTB was the further involved in the development of residential services; vocational services, integrated daycare; leisure services and parents support services.

The trust of current services and supports has moved from program model to one which endeavours to be responsive to individuals with developmental disabilities, and to further enhance their inter-dependence and quality of life. The range of services CLTB offers today for children, adults and their families include integrated day care services, supports in community living, supports to explore social opportunities and to ensure that services are designated for the individual and focus on his/her strengths, needs and choices.

All people with developmental disabilities have full rights as citizens of Thunder Bay, to access all recreational, educational, social, and employment opportunities that this city offers.