Passport Services

Community Living Thunder Bay’s passport services and supports are tailored to each person and family and are designed to allow each person to live a meaningful life, and fully participate in our community.


We offer inclusive and creative services including:

  • Community Participation
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Caregiver Respite
  • Person Directed Planning
  • Administrative Supports & Brokerage


Community Participation Supports

  • Provide support to community activities and events; recreation and leisure; and attend programs/classes
  • Employment/Volunteer Supports:  explore the person’s interests, abilities and career goals; job preparation, job search, coaching and on the job training; ongoing support to maintain employment

Activities of Daily Living Support

  • Provide support to help live independently in the community; meal preparation, personal care, taking medication, budgeting and money management, using public transportation, etc.

Caregiver Respite

  • Provide short periods of respite in the family or caregiver’s home

Person Directed Planning

  • Support to develop a person-directed plan that builds on the person’s strengths, gifts and interests and identifies the supports needed to achieve these goals.

Administrative Support & Brokerage

You can have all or a portion of your funds managed and administered by CLTB.  The agency will coordinate services using CLTB support workers and will be responsible for payment and invoicing of the Passport funds.

CLTB can provide employees who are fully trained, have access to all agency resources and are experienced with supporting people to be fully included in community.

The rate to purchase services with your passport funding is $36.50 per hour for 1:1 support.  The rate per kilometre is 45¢.  Mileage will be paid for to and from activities.

CLTB charges 10% administration fee on invoicing for receipts and mileage.


CLTB can also administer funds on your behalf.  CLTB can pay passport expenses, including workers you hire independently.  A 10% fee will be  charged for this service.